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Specialising in Working with Healthcare Professionals to Manage Work/Life Stress and Change…

Supervision / Consultation Service

90 Minutes – Monthly Consultation Service
for Health Workers

Counselling Services

for Healthcare Professionals

Supervision Support

for Counsellors

The issues I work with are:-

  • Work-Related Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Adjusting to Change and Transitions in Life and at Work
  • Change in Work Role
  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Adjusting to Motherhood / Fatherhood
  • Adjusting to Divorce / Separation
  • Adjusting to Life after Illness


The issues I work with are:-

  • Work-Related Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Adjusting to Change and Transitions in Life and at Work
  • Change in Work Role
  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Adjusting to Motherhood / Fatherhood
  • Adjusting to Divorce / Separation
  • Adjusting to Life after Illness

From time to time we all experience overwhelm, worries, challenges and stress.

As a Qualified and experienced Psychotherapist Counsellor and Supervisor I offer a nurturing and supportive relationship that is non-judgemental, honest and empathic. That can help you navigate your way through your current difficulties so that you can gain clarity and find some resolution.

I have specific experience and a genuine desire to work with Healthcare Professionals to Support and Help Manage their Work / Life Stress and Change.

Supervision / Consultation Service for Health Workers

Supervision / Consultation Service for Health Workers

90 Minutes - Monthly - £90 Per Session

I developed this Monthly 90 minute Consultation Service in response to the growing demand from Healthcare Professionals for a Confidential Service where they could discuss and off load any issues that had caused them distress either in the course of their working day or that were bothering them in their lives outside of work.

This service is a place for them to reflect on their practice and enable them to find ways to manage their daily stresses and develop resilience outside of the fast paced, patient focussed working environments that they work in.

My aim is to work together with healthcare practitioners on their personal and professional development so that they achieve a healthier work /life balance which enables them to continue doing the caring work that they enjoy, without the stresses of their work unduly impacting on the rest of their lives.

Counselling Services for Healthcare Professionals

Counselling Services for Healthcare Professionals

50 Minutes - £60 Per Session

It can feel de-stabilising, confusing, overwhelming and unsettling when life or work events such as the death of a family member, divorce or parenthood occur. As with looking after elderly parents and retirement, change in work role, changes in line management, a change of location and illness occur too. The security and certainty that you previously felt seems to have disappeared and been replaced with more questions than answers.

Such changes can cause even the most capable, confident and in control people to feel insecure, alone and out of sorts. Sometimes the cause of your loss of confidence is clear and at others it just sort of creeps up on you, so that you are not even sure yourself as to why you are not quite feeling your usual self. You just know that something isn’t quite right.

I know what a lonely place this can feel, especially when your work is focussed on giving care to others. At such times it can be difficult to ask for, or get the support you need from your managers and colleagues, especially when resources are stretched and the environment that you are working in is fast paced, as is the case in most health sector settings.

My guess is that you are probably holding it together and staying strong for others when what you really need is somebody to be there for you. Within the safe and confidential counselling environment I provide a non-judgemental listening ear that can help you to make sense of your situation which supports you to regain your confidence.

I provide an initial 90 minute Introductory Assessment Session at the cost of £60. This is a time to explore and assess what your counselling needs is which will determine whether we are able to work together. Usually, people find this a helpful time of discovery and leave with a clearer sense of the way forward. There is no obligation to take up my services. I have your best interest at heart and will suggest other resources or practitioners if I think that your needs would be better served with an alternative service.

Supervision Services for Counsellors

Supervision Services for Counsellors

90 Minutes - £60 Per Session

With over 16 years of therapeutic experience I am enthusiastic and have at the heart of my Supervisory practice the personal and professional development of the counsellor and their counselling service. I believe that a professional and ethical service to clients will follow on naturally from our development as practitioners.

As a UKCP accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, I have experience and training in many different counselling approaches. I have learnt to hold all these approaches lightly and work from a value-based approach that puts ‘being with’ in a bodily attuned presence at the heart of my practice. I believe that as human beings, at some level we all long for the attuned presence of another, somebody who gets us not just on a verbal listening level but at all levels of our experience, mind, body, soul and relationally.

As a Supervisor I work in the same bodily attuned way and welcome Supervisees who want to develop in this way.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision Level 7 and am certified and registered by UKCP and NCS.

I meet with each Supervisee for an initial 90 minute Introductory Session to discuss their Supervisory requirements / expectations / goals and to explore whether we can work together.

First Introductory Meeting - £60

90 Minutes – Introductory Session, giving you a chance to ask questions, and begin exploring what has brought you to counselling.

Supervision & Consultation Services - £90

90 Minutes – Monthly Supervision / Consultation Service for Healthcare Professionals.

Counselling for Healthcare Professionals - £60

50 Minutes –  Counselling for Healthcare Professionals

Supervision Services for Counsellors - £60

90 Minutes –  Supervision Services for Counsellors

What to expect from my Introductory Meeting?

Often people have conflicting push/pull feelings about embarking on therapy. They are unsure as to whether it is therapy they need or something entirely different. Many are bewildered by the wide – range of therapies on offer and what would be the best approach for them. Frequently people are concerned as to whether they will ‘get on’ with the therapist.

All these thoughts and feelings are natural when you are considering investing your time, money and attention to something new and as important as understanding yourself better. As much as we may want our situation to change there is also something comfortable about the circumstances we know.

I am mindful of this ‘pre-therapy’ state and try to make this transition as easy as possible for you. I, therefore, offer an introductory interview of 90 minutes for £60; where we can explore together any questions you might have about the process. We can also get  a sense of whether we would be comfortable working together.  I am committed to supporting you to find what would work best for you. I have a network of colleagues with expertise and many different supporting capacities.  If what you need doesn’t align with what I can provide I can discuss alternative possibilities with you.

People often find the introductory session helpful in and of itself to help gain clarity regardless of whether they decide to continue working with me or not.

I work solely with adults aged 18 onwards from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and faith communities.

At the heart of my therapeutic practice is my belief that every person is born with the capacity to lead a rich and fulfilling life and a natural inbuilt ability to heal…

About me…

My interest in Counselling and Psychotherapy as a Profession followed on from a period of personal therapy in which I was able to gain perspective following two life changing events that knocked me sideways. I came to understand that the difficulties we face are both painful and challenging but can also be an opportunity to look at our life afresh, develop and grow as a person and can enable us to restore a sense of connection to our self and others.

Whilst working with bereavement on a daily basis for a child bereavement charity I experienced time and time again how life changing events, that initially felt unbearable, could also be a springboard for change. 

It was as a Clinical services Manager that I became passionate about supporting those who are facing such challenges, whilst they are providing a caring service to others.  I came to know how difficult it was for healthcare professionals to be responsible for the provision of healthcare services to others when they were feeling unsettled or when their confidence starts to wobble.

On moving to Gloucestershire I decided to specialise in helping healthcare professionals from all kinds of settings. It gives me great job satisfaction to know that by supporting doctors, nurses, vets and carers in their lives, I am also helping them in their delivery of essential services to the public.

I offer a nurturing and supportive relationship that is non- judgemental, honest and empathic.

I aspire to be an attuned presence that enables all aspects of you to be seen and heard.  I believe the therapeutic relationship is unique and how we relate together is all part of the process of deepening understanding in relationships.


Training, qualifications and experience…

I have 16 years experience in therapeutic work gained whilst working with adults, teens and children. I now work solely with adults.

Prior to moving to Gloucestershire, I had a successful Private Practice in London taking referrals from insurance companies, Employee Assistant programmes, Church internship programme and self-referrals. I was employed with Grief Encounter Project, a leading Child Bereavement Charity in London as a Clinical Services Manager, Bereavement Workshop Facilitator, Play Therapist and Trainer into schools on Bereavement. I have gained experience working in charities for Cruse Bereavement Care, Mind in Barnet Mental Health, and the Place2be.

My intention is to provide a safe, dependable and confidential environment from which you feel safe to explore any issues that may be concerning you.

  • Level 7 – NCS Accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision

  • Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy. ( 4 Year Course)
    CCPE, Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education London W1
    Diploma Project: Transformation through loss.
    Exploring through an experiential group the changes in relation to self, others, faith and belief following loss and bereavement.


  • Foundation Certificate Fundamentals of Counselling & Psychotherapy
    CCPE, Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education London W1


  • Understanding and applying DSMIV (One Year Course)
    CCPE, Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education London W1


Since qualifying as a psychotherapist in 2003 I have met the requirements for Continued Professional Development as laid out by my professional body UKCP.

Significant short courses and day courses...

  • Two three-day courses on Treating Trauma with Adults and Children – SOS Internationale


  • Place2Be training over one year on Working with Children Through Play

  • Facilitating groups (3 Day Training) – Child Bereavement Charity


  • Basic Sexuality (8 Week Course) – Spectrum


  • Professional Training Developmental Group. (2 Years) – CCPE. Learning T’ai Chi and discussing the learning in a developmental group of 10 people.


  • Understanding Bereavement and Bereavement Care (10 Week Course) – Hillingdon Cruse.


  • Short day courses on topics including Child Development, Ageing, Spirituality, Addiction, Trauma and Bereavement – various counselling and psychotherapy centres.


All recommendations have been used with consent from the client. Initials are used to respect the confidentiality of the client.

"I am thankful to Beverly for all that she has done for me."

I now feel free…….the freest I have ever felt. You helped me to feel safe, seen and heard so that I was able to trust that ‘I can be me and that being me is OK’. I don’t think I could have experienced that without you. Thank you.

Client R,
Nurse, Bristol

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Where to find Gloucestershire Counselling & Psychotherapy Care?

Beverly Franks
Gloucestershire Counselling & Psychotherapy Care
Stonehouse GL10 3RW

My consulting room is in a lovely location next to the Stroudwater Canal, easily accessible from Stonehouse, Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath and The Cotswolds.

  • Approximately 1 mile from Junction 13 of the M5  –  Parking is free and plentiful.
  • 5 min walk from nearest bus stop.
  • 20 min walk from Stonehouse Rail Station.

The room is a self-contained annexe with a separate entrance and attached bathroom facilities.

There is no waiting room to the property so you will need to arrive for your session at the agreed appointment time. There is a Starbucks Café on the Services roundabout on the A419 – 2 mins drive from the consulting room.

Alternatively, there is a café in Bonds Mill open 9am-3pm – 10 min walk down the canal to the left of the property towards Stroud.

Beverly Franks - Gloucestershire Counselling & Psychotherapy Care

Beverly Franks – Gloucestershire Counselling & Psychotherapy Care